Beautiful, hands-on Montessori materials are essential to a Montessori environment, but they are expensive! We can help.

Through our Practical Lifesavers program, Montessori Partnerships for Georgia collects used or damaged Montessori materials, repairs and restores them, then makes them available at low cost to Montessori programs that are free to attend or accessible on a sliding scale.

Donate Items

We will come to your school/location and pick up your items to be donated.  If you have items for donation, please use the form below and our project coordinator will get in touch with you.

We accept:
• New or used Montessori materials
• Items needing repair
• Incomplete sets
• Classroom furniture
We cannot accept:
• General classroom supplies
• Adult-sized furniture
• Items that are damaged beyond repair

Receive Items

In order to receive items from Practical Lifesavers, programs must:
• Be a public school or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in the state of Georgia
• Be free to attend or operate on a sliding scale
• Offer Montessori education to children and/or families
To inquire whether your program qualifies, please use the contact form below.